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People March 3, 2021

“Influencer, Stylist and Designer”


Pegah Pourmand born in Tehran, graduated from Tehran university in Business Psychology.She moved to Kuala Lampur in 2011, having always a passion for fashion, worked as model, stylist, Social / Digital Media Strategist for 360celsius magazine. She moved to Singapore to continue her career with advanced technology and experience opportunity and earned Google certifications in Digital/Online Media.

In 2016 she moved to London where she expanded her media career in PR and Marketing, She earned certificates in fashion and styling from Condé Nast (Vogue), as stylist. She developed her business in the fashion Industry as creative content creator and Influencer.Pegah has been working and collaborating with leading brands in the fashion industry. She is now one of Revolve Brand Ambassadors in the UK.

Pegah was spotted as best dressed by Getty Images during London Fashion week and has been featured in The Independent magazine and style caster.

Read our exclusive interview with Pegah this month to know more about her.


Please introduce yourself to our readers.
I am Pegah Pourmand, an Influencer, Stylist and Designer based in London UK Founder (LA PEARLIN By Pegah), Revolve Brand ambassador.

Tell us about your education.
I have studied Business psychology in Tehran Iran, fashion and Styling from Conde Nast (vogue) in London.

When and how did you develop the love for fashion and modeling?
I have always had passion for fashion and beauty ,art and design since I was teenager I was always loved watching Fashion TV, Imagining putting outfits together back then design few pieces for myself. fashion TV used to inspire me so much, always impressed by fashion world how phenomenal this world is, full of mind blowing artworks and people that create masterpieces.

Why and when did you move to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and how was the experience working there?
I’ve moved in early 2011 after my graduation, I thought it’s a good idea to start my journey with moving to a country with very different culture to discover more of the world and was very much looking forward to those new unique experiences in life ,that I’m so glad I made such decision which taking risks and got me where I am today.

You later moved to Singapore, how different was it from Malaysia?
Singapore is more ‘Chinese centric’ as opposed to Malaysia which has a more ‘Malay centric’. All a matter of the difference in population between the 2 countries and the culture. Singapore in many ways is more advanced than Malaysia a safe country to live in but also ranked as the most expensive city and as of that it tends to be a bit more stressed and a lot less laid back than Malaysia. Singapore’s fashion is regarded by many global brands as an upcoming retail market for luxury brands. Singapore is a $4.1 billion luxury market, weighted towards watches and jewellery and has been the hub of renowned global brands . In general Singapore is one of the most sophisticated luxury markets in the world in terms of clientele and in terms of luxury knowledge – especially watches and jewellery – but also arts and eccentric architecture and design. Talking about it I’d really love to visit again hopefully after pandemic and get lost in Orchard Road which is the most famous spot for best shopping in Singapore and of course marina bay sand which has a breathtaking view.

And how was the experience working with GEM Group in Istanbul?
Media careers appear to be full of glamour and prestige from the outside looking in, that revolves around being involved in so many different range and section of work Without a doubt, one of the most competitive industries and be stressful and involves long working hours But was absolutely amazing experience for me to work in production, post production Casting and to run a Channel also every details about it was really good experience.

How did you develop your role as the creative, content creator Influencer in London?
Working in a fashion lifestyle magazine in Malaysia Singapore first as a model, the fashion consultant later was my path to create contents for myself for my media for my audience later in London having all time so much love for fashion, I passed so many coursed with Conde Nast (Vogue) in styling and Fashion, learnt so much about the differences between style and fashion in the speed of change, also different Editors and photographers point of view, in addition to study and develop my knowledge in all areas of fashion I started creating content for myself then for brands and businesses and their campaigns, It was a great opportunity to work with PR’s, agencies and leading players in the industry I have met so many like minded people and influencers so far which is always great in socialising’s big part of this job that I like most as you always learn new things and meet new people.

How living and working in different countries has influenced you?
For the love to be on the go, I’ve been always looking for the next adventure, And As I said I always wanted to experience different places and culture. Moving abroad is a major life event for anyone who is brave enough–and lucky enough– to take the leap. starting over in a new country is one of the most terrifying yet exhilarating adventures ever. while being an expat is really exciting, fun, and eventful, it can also be really challenging, From fitting in the society, making friends to figuring out everything in new place Living in a new country is an educational experience like no others, where every day brings new discoveries: food, culture, people, places Moving and living in different countries not only sought me a huge amount about a different countries, but a huge amount about myself that I don’t change this experience with anything else in The world.

How did you feel been spotted as best dressed by Getty Images during London Fashion week?
Really thrilled, normally people get capture during fashion weeks but as best dressed was really feeling good. I thought it’s fun to wear some colours, matched this Versace leggings with blazer and belt bag, Getty images captured me on the way to the shows and spotted me as best dressed.

What are you currently doing?
I’m working on my dream project, designing my own clothing/fashion line named LA PEARLIN (By Pegah) to launch in March 21 since 2016 started designing millinery veil beret hats, everything was going perfect but busy with other stuff in life for a while, decided be back at it again with more experience and fashion knowledge, in 2019 I’ve been planning to have my own brand so Now I find it is the right time and really excited to launch it.

What are your future plans?
I do have goals, target, business plan and strategy for my future But one lesson from pandemic through last year was there are times you plan a lot but non can go forward ,unexpected things always might stop that, you might not have so much control over it ,like the world unexpectedly is on hold. All I can think at the moment is to pray for everyone and the world to get out of this pandemic as soon as possible hopefully and wishing just health to people around the world so all businesses could return back to work safely and the economy can go strong gain.

What has been your proudest moment so far?

My Brand (LA PEARLIN By Pegah).

How did or is the pandemic affecting you?
Of Course the outbreak of Corona virus was stressful for me like many other people! I am still stressed and worry about my family and friends, My social life and business have been effected. As I said above that the most important part of my job is my socialising and face-to-face communications that has been effected.

What lesson(s) have you learnt from the pandemic?
I’ve learnt a lot, first I transform my social life to domestic life, I’ve had enough time to focus on myself and my mental health, creating more life style content at home with my hobby, we even had more time to work out on our relationship and help each other in different part of our businesses, In addition to work on our body health we are more often going for jogging and long walks and enjoy the nature around us that we used to be so busy to attach to the nature and appreciate our body and mental health. So tried to use the most out of my time in lockdown and live everyday better than I used to before this pandemic and littlest thing in life ,I’m sure I’m more sympathetic now with my family and friends and virtual friends/followers, I’ve so engaged and more real with them since the pandemic. So it’s been best time to self-care mind, body and soul ,also think about how much we have done for ourselves and still there’s a time to do things we always wanted to do that we had no time to focus on it before pandemic. And for me is launching my brand (LA PEARLIN by Pegah).

What are your thoughts on Social Media and how has it helped you? What are your favourite Social Media apps at the moment?
New technological advancements are influencing our world in increasingly apparent ways With an emphasis on all things visual, and direct access to millions, like facebooks Instagram and so many other apps like Tikktok has helped bring worthy causes to the fore ,the ability to reach out to a big audience on everyone’s platform and The fact that literally everybody can use this medium and use their voice just shows the impact of social media is irreplaceable there’s a range of ways in which social media is influencing culture, and changing the way we communicate, discover and get involved in different elements. For ages brands and advertisers have been seeking to shape consumers thoughts, attitude and behaviour through television and billboards, And at this moment in time, advertising through influencers are so popular and proved effective, that for instance if many influencers wear specific collection of a designer/ brand, that specific piece or collection could go so viral and out of stock in conclusion. For me having the opportunity to work as a blogger and influencer to create content for brands and businesses also to be able to communicate with my audience and stay engaged with them to influence and blog about everything on lifestyle fashion and beauty and share my experience with them! Instagram is my favourite at the moment.

What is your beauty and fitness regime?
Prior to pandemic I had a A 2 to 3-Week Gym Routine and workout schedule gyms are closed so I still do some bands resistance, pilates and every possible workout at home. I’ll try to eat balanced, not following any specific regime or diet, just as less artificial sugar as possible ,but more fruits and natural sugar in it More green and veggies and proteins also have many cheating days which is kind of fun these days and it is also really cool to enjoy once in a while. For beauty and skincare Drinking Plenty of Water and Staying hydrated, taking vitamins, exfoliating or gentle cleanser and rinsing my face before and after makeup plus using day and night masks and good serums and moisturiser, trying to keeping it fresh healthy and glowy and protect from the sun and pollution. Regardless of our age and skin type, our skin needs moisture to look and feel healthy. That’s why a moisturiser should be in our daily beauty routine.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?
I believe originality is key, I like bold and sometimes striking styles that make a statement but also love feminine details, From time to time considering mood and occasion, love sophisticated and timeless chic ,every once in a while soft and girly, occasionally cool, Casual and easy, above all contemporary and trendy So prefer to fill my wardrobe with versatile practical investment pieces.

Your message for us at CiiN magazine.
Thanks so much for interviewing me. Stay amazing!


1. All-time favourite movie: Breakfast with Tiffany
2. Favourite binge show right now: Friends all time favourite show, ’Your Honour’ best crime/ drama I’ve ever watched
3. Tell us a secret talent that you have: Cooking
4. Best career advice you’ve received: Go Big or Go home
5. Three qualities that got you where you are today: Authentic, Decent and Trustworthy
6. The moment you knew you had made it: My Brand “LA PEARLIN”
7. Favourite perk of the job: The Time I ve been invited to many events which is amazing and my travel
8. Worst pitfall of the job: The number of the followers has become the value
9. Favourite food: Sushi
10.Favourite activity to stay healthy and fit: Jogging and Running
11.Book that’s left a lasting impression on you: Papillon
12.Song that always makes you cry: Edith Piaf (La Vie En Rose)
13.Name one thing on your bucket list: Cruising and Safari

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