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People November 27, 2019


Never be afraid of anything in life. Risk it.

Quitting a promising career, spurred Nancy to indulge in her passion and love of the arts, fashion and music. A spirit that seeks to consume all experiences in her wake, she is at on with theater, imbued by the arts, inspired by nature, and energized by her dedication to spirituality. “I believe our happiness in life depends on our perception and gratification of every life situation,” she reflects.


Please introduce yourself
I am Nancy Riman, a Lebanese artist and IBM student. A person who believes that music and arts are life, and a woman who follows her passion

What are some of your fondest childhood memories?
I love your question because I believe that every childhood memory (good or bad) I will share with you reveals part of my character and personality.
I remember the nights my mom stayed by my side when I was sick to ensure that I recovered and felt better. Also, I remember our innocent and joyful birthday parties at school, where I used to gather with my friends and enjoy the smallest games and things in life. I also remember the family picnics every Sunday; the music laughs and dancing.
I was a scout’s member, and I believe that being part of the scout’s association is a transition phase in my life and character as it taught me confidence, responsibility, respect for others, and teamwork. I am now a camper and nature lover because of the impact of scouts on me – the best days of our lives were at the camping site and beside the bonfire.
Another one of my fondest memories is when my piano teacher, who was a painter as well, decided to paint a canvas of me. It meant a lot.

Tell us about your education.
My school was The International School of Choueifat (ISC) – SABIS in Choueifat. I studied there from nursery until I graduated (grade 12). In parallel, I was studying piano at the Lebanese Conservatory.
I have majored at Notre Dame University International Business Management and continued my master’s degree in my major at the Lebanese University.
I started playing the piano at the age of six years after my parents discovered my talent. I have continued my piano lessons at the Lebanese Conservatory, and I am currently a piano teacher.
At work, I always daydreamed about fashion and music. Accordingly, I started researching about fashion and became a self-taught stylist, where I have designed some gypsy and bohemian- styled outfits.
At the conservatoire, one of my teachers discovered my singing talent, where I did an entrance exam and started opera lessons at the Lebanese Conservatory and then continued private singing lessons at Madame Marie Mahfoud.
I am so fond of music and arts that I have studied Latino dancing at the Dance Factory – Mike Poladian as well. Recently, I completed the entrance exams at the Lebanese University – Faculty of Fine Arts and was in the top five contestants; where now I am working on my bachelor’s degree in Theater and Cinema.

Talk about your work experience.
My work experience was not the favorite part of my life; however, I believe it is one of the most important phases because it was a transition stage for me as it helped me uncover many parts in myself and personality.
I began working in the logistics and supply chain sector from 9am till 5pm. I was so committed to work that I used to start work at 7:30am and leave at least at 6:30pm. After six months, the company assigned me as the department manager. This was a success for me, as I never had previous work experience in the field of business and was younger than most of the department members. I started becoming more involved in business life and helped me adapt to this routine, but this didn’t stop me from daydreaming about fashion, modeling, and music.
After I continued my master’s degree in IBM and did several pieces of training related to Quality Control, I was promoted to become a Quality Control Manager. I worked in this sector for two years. One night I woke up, decided to resign from work, and start my passion.
Yes, this was the riskiest decision ever, but it changed me and taught me the lesson of my life: “Taking risks for what you have passion for is better than dying in your comfort zone”.
Even though I have worked in a field that doesn’t resemble me; I thank this experience and appreciate it, as it uncovered a lot of parts in me and taught me a lot. I believe that it was preparation for the upcoming stage in my life, so I never regret any phase I passed through.

What made your interest in theatre after obtaining a Masters in International Business?
I was always interested in arts and music, but due to personal reasons, I wasn’t able to major anything in this regards. I love theater because it is the language of one’s soul. Moreover, I will be able to combine and use the arts I know to express myself and convey my ideas. Theater is my voice and the voice of what cannot be said openly.
I am a person who loves freedom and hates routine, and this is one of the major reasons why I couldn’t endure working in IBM. I believe our souls are born to live freely and that every day should hold a new experience somewhere. So how can I experience it if I am living in an office?!
Theater not only helps you explore the real world, but it can take you to a world with imagination and creativity. Theater has helped me “free my soul” because to be a good actor, one should be able to accept all that he has passed in life, embrace them, and reach a state of emotional stability (this is done by specific exercises and trainings – psychodrama).
A successful actor should be in harmony with both his body and soul, to be able to demonstrate the character in the best possible way. As I said before, every stage in our lives is an introduction and preparation to the next one; thus, I never regret majoring IBM for 6 years and working in it, because it had helped me acquire many skills on a physical level (self-confidence, discipline, teamwork), which prepared me for theater.

What part of theater is of interest to you?
Every single aspect of theater interests me. I always visualize it as a puzzle which should click correctly to give the best and most harmonious result. Theater is all about harmony; the actor should be in harmony with himself, the actors should be in harmony with each other, their movement, the play, the script, the music, the dance, the lighting, the decorations, the scenery, the sound, etc. So, I am interested in the whole creation.

Between art, acting, dancing, singing, and piano, which is your favorite, and why?
I love them all equally as they are all my languages of expression, each having its taste.

What is your plan for the future? What would you like to achieve?
I plan to be able to use theater, music, and arts to convey messages to people and of people. My plays will be their voices! Also, I dream of transmitting my knowledge and ideas through music and the arts. I hope my plays will be a turning point, awakening, and shift in people’s lives. I would also love to have my fashion brand (which will undoubtedly transmit messages as well), one day.

How did you get in spirituality and meditation? How did it help shape you differently?
I got into spirituality after a wakeup call. Spirituality helped me look at the world from a different perspective. It taught me to embrace every experience in life I passed through, forgive myself and everyone, love unconditionally, feels gratitude, and look at the positive side of anything that happens in life. Also, it helped me become aware of everything around me like positive and negative foods, habits, and lifestyle. I now believe that our happiness in life depends on our perception and gratification of every life situation. It helped me become in alignment.

What are some of your other hobbies?
I am a nature lover, and my hobbies are hiking, camping, and nature photography. This has helped me connect with nature and appreciate it. I love photography because it helps me find beauty in everything. Also, I love contemporary dancing because it is also the true language of one’s soul. I love reading spiritual books only, mainly for Rumi, Osho, and Al Halajj. They have awakened me spiritually and helped me meditate every day. Moreover, I love fashion design, styling, and modeling. My dream is to major in fashion design one day.

Favorite snack?
Nothing specific but “Yes for homemade food… No for junk food!”

Favorite music?
Classical music

Favorite movie?
A Walk to Remember

Favorite book?
The Forty Rules of Love – Elif Shafak

Do you have a beauty and exercise regime?
Yes. I have a beauty, exercise, and most importantly, a food regime. My beauty regime is mainly composed of using organic and natural oils and creams for my hair and skin. Coconut oil is very good for the hair and the aloe vera plant oil for the skin.
Also, to have younger and clearer skin, the most important thing is to wash your face before you sleep, mainly from the makeup and apply the night and eye cream. Collagen cream is essential to give a younger look, so every woman should use it.
When I wake up, I wash my face and apply a hydrating cream and then sunscreen to protect my skin. Regarding my exercise regime, I prefer doing my exercises in nature rather than the gym. Every day, I put soft music and start my exercise regime by breathing deeply and doing very slow stretching exercises for all my body (head to toe); this is essential for the energy flow in the body and stress release.
Afterwards, I start doing the workout routine (the same as that done in the gym) for 30 minutes. Then, I practice some Latino dance moves for another 30 minutes. For me, the most important regime is the food regime because what we eat shapes our body and soul.
Food and liquids are very important and affect our body, mood, and health; therefore, I have recently started a healthy diet based on personal research. It includes reducing the intake of meats, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating less artificial sugars and replacing them with natural ones (like dates), drinking about 2 liters of water a day, eating more nuts, and less salt. To filter the water we buy from plastic bottles, I put the water in a pottery crock and add to it the quartz healing stone.

What is your motto in life?
Live in the moment. First, be grateful for being alive!

What are your best places to hang around in Lebanon?
I love Lebanon’s nature. I love to hang out in its forests, its beach, the beautiful views, and unique sunsets.

What was the best advice ever given to you?
From my dad: Never be afraid of anything in life. Risk it. Don’t care about people’s judgment; they are people, after all.

How do you relax?
Several ways, depending on my mood. Sometimes I relax by just staying at home; meditating and listening to soft music. At other times I go to nature to do some sports and stretching (this helps with the energy flow). Sometimes I do so by dancing. But, the thing I always do when I am not okay is “feeling gratitude”. One way can be by writing a list of your gratifications in life (start with the smallest details). This is so relaxing.

Your message for us at CiiN.
Keep up your distinctive work! CiiN’s issues always hold this exclusive artistic and beautiful touch. Keep up this differentiation! Also, please remain the candle that lights our paths and that of the upcoming generation, by the deep and interesting topics which you discuss.

Hair: Omar Hamze @omarhamze1
Makeup: Nisrin Abilmona @nisreen_abi_almona @amonaisebeautylounge
Photographer: Rami Sayegh @rami.sayegh

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