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DJ, producer, painter and model


Tell us about your education.
My first education was in Tour Management and Tourism because I loved history and travelling. My second masters degree is in sociology. I love people and try to understand their minds.

What came first? Modeling or deejaying?
First came modeling but for a short time only. I was in a relationship and my ex-boyfriend was too nervous about. I left modeling and started to search myself in other field and I found myself in music. After we broke up I started modeling once again.

Tell me please how you begin with music and deejaying?
I had passion for music since childhood and I even played piano. When I was 18 years old, I visited parties and I saw DJs. I wanted to try deejaying but felt shy and I was thinking It’s not for me. After few years of searching myself I finally tried it and was very happy. It started as a hobby but after few months I got a good job as a DJ and I shifted completely to music.

What were some of the main challenges and goals when starting out as a DJ and how have they changed over time?
In the beginning I didn’t imagine myself that I would play at music festivals and on big stages abroad on the best clubs and restaurants. My goal was very simple. I imagined myself as a cool DJ who plays techno at my favourite club in Kiev. Because I loved this kind of music and I was too young and emotional, I got in a fight with some guy, who was in good relationship with owner of that club and I got into problems of course. I couldn’t even visit that place and I was crying long time and then my friend told me why don’t you come to work in another country. Same day I got offer to work aboard in very fashionable places in Asia and in Qatar. I worked with famous stars on one stage as a INNA, TYGA, Jax Jones, David Vandetta, Nicola Fasano, Jeremiah, Artbat, Pete Oak, and Tom Boxer. I started to grow up in music and played new genres. I eventually started to explore myself and believe that a positive attitude towards failure opens the way to true happiness. Nowadays, I’m thankful to God for bringing me on a new level of my life with huge goals.

Being a female deejay, how it looks like?
I think it’s look sexy, isn’t? I’m always in attention. People see me on stage, they expect not only beautiful sexy girl but also great music. It makes them high and happy. It’s a creative job. I always have to create new impressive ideas and recording new DJ mixes, produce new tracks, searching for new music, be in trend, look stunning, care about my costume and body.

As I have noticed you are travelling a lot?
Yes, a lot! It’s style of life when you always need to move. Travelling new places and meeting new people.

Your coolest place where you worked?
At X lounge, Wahm, Play Boy club, Decadance House, Boudoir, and music festivals. I love them.

Describe me your feelings when you play music?
Em. I completely give myself to this creative process. I see people, I feel them and the music and create mood for them as I feel it and imagine it. When I see them happy and feel high.

What style of music do you play?
I play many different genres: House music (deep house, tech house, progressive house ), Commercial music, R&B and reggaton, trance, and bollywood.

Yours favourite musicians and songs?
Mostly It depends on mood. If today I want to hear commercial music, reggaton and R&B then It’s Maluma, Bad Bunny, JLo, Madonna. From Tech house Solomun, Peggy Gou, Armen Miran. Psytrance – Belic Boom, and Astrix, Blastoyz.

Tell us about your modelling experience?
Beauty is main and bigger part of my soul. For me beauty is love and feelings. Modeling is one of the way where I can show it. I worked with a lot of designers in Qatar, India, and Ukraine. Fashion shows, Print shoots, Photoshoots, Exhibitions , Runways, and Movie.

Which is your favourite modelling project?
One of my favourite projects happened last year in Doha. I was one of the faces who presented new plane by Qatar Airway Executive Jet and took part in international Fashion Day. We had runway inside the plane in clothes by haute couture and without shoes. I remember they put a big glass crown full of diamonds inside on my head. That was really unique crown and impressive show with fashion blogger from New York, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo. I was really impressed with that magical day!

We know that you are also an artist? How and when did the interest in art develop?
Art is inside my blood. From childhood I liked painting. specially portraits. During school time, my friends would ask me to paint them and they paid for that and it was my first money earning opportunity.

What materials do you use?
I mainly used acrylic colors, pencils, and cosmetics sometimes.

How would you best describe your type of art?
I call it Therapy. It’s awesome when you can put on paper your ideas or your mood. For me, it’s kind of a journey into myself. When I make art, I’m completely immersed into it.

What message do you like to convey through your art?
A Message? Be brave to be yourself. Honest, feel love and share positivity.

What is your future goal ALESYA?
Create more and more in everything that I love, music, pictures, ideas of art photo-shooting. Maybe I will get into interior designing also.

Your motto in life?
whatever happens, will pass. Have a positive attitude towards failures. They open the ways to true happiness and happiness is the key to open the heart and love. Be honest, brave, and don’t think about the past. Move towards the future to your victory. But don’t forget about today, stay in the presence.

Do you have for me and for readers any exclusive news at this moment?
Of course! News: soon I will making my fans happy with my new exclusive photos and soundtracks. Follow and see updates on my Instagram.

Your message for CiiN magazine
I wish the best of luck to all of you guys! You have a warm and friendly team and you guys are doing a creative and awesome job! keep it up!


Photographer: Anya Khrystich

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