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People May 27, 2022

Friendships are Important.


Meet Alina Rai – the Bollywood actress known for her work in Lucknow Junction and Kamaal and also in the song Kamaal Hai alongside Badshah. Alina gained fame with her videos on social media and became popular for her striking resemblance to Katrina Kaif.

This month, she graces the cover of our magazine and we really enjoyed sitting with her for this exclusive interview for our readers.

Please introduce yourself.

Hi I’m Alina Rai, I initially become popular and gained a lot of recognition from my music album song Kamaal Hai featuring Badshah after that I went on working in movies and most of you may also recognise me from my comedy short videos which gained so much popularity and love, I’m so thankful for the love, acceptance and popularity my videos have gained.


Tell us about your education?

My education has been completed in England where I studied psychology before life took a complete turn and I ended up in Mumbai instead.


How did you get interested in acting and modelling?

I initially came to Mumbai as a model and from working with some of India’s most talented makeup artists and designers I naturally then transitioned into music albums to then of course movies. It has never been a straight forward or an easy journey I have had many ups and downs, especially as I am not from the Bollywood industry and I am an outsider. I do not have any guidance or support and so learning and navigating on my own has made my journey a learning curve in which I’m learning everyday from.

How did the TikTok thing all started?

One day I decided to try out Tiktok and posted a video on there and before I knew it that video had shot up into the millions, at first, I thought there was a glitch in the system. But as I posted more videos, I realised how appreciated and popular I had become. For me it’s about putting a smile on someone’s face so if I can brighten someone’s day then my job is done. I enjoy posting comedy and entertainment to bring laughter and fun.


Tell us about some of your best modelling projects?

My best modelling job would be working with a makeup artist that I use to follow on social media for many years and never thought that I to would be working with them in India. I think it’s always amazing to be working with people who you’ve known from before as that gives you a sense of self pride.


When did you realise that you look strikingly similar to actress Katrina Kaif? And how does it feel?

First of all, Katrina Kaif is absolutely stunning and her beauty is unique to her only and of course she is an even more talented and hard-working actress.

I personally do not see the similarity myself and still trying to know how this has come about. 

What qualities and attributes do you think are needed to become a good model?

Of course, your individuality and confidence are a key. But knowing how to use your body in angles and talking through your eyes can make the biggest difference. I don’t believe in the typical attributes of a model such a tall height and slim frame only; I feel society has moved way past that and we should too. So, let’s embrace qualities instead of just appearance.


How does modelling and acting differ?

The main difference is a model is advertising or selling a product whereas an actor is convincing the audience with their emotions in reality of performance.


Tell us about your experiences shooting the video for the song?

I love shooting songs, it’s actually my favourite especially when the whole team is so fun. It just feels like a blast. We were out of Mumbai and so exploring and we filmed along side made it a great memorable experience


What are some of your hobbies?

I really enjoy spending time with animals and so I’ve joined a group of people that go out to feed the stray dogs and cats on the streets.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is comfortable, I always try and dress relaxed because for me style should always make you look confident and that can only happen if your comfortable in it. I tend to love a low key casual more- so jeans and a t shirt with some logo design is always very chic.


What exercise regime do you follow to stay fit?

I am currently doing a lot of dance which keeps me very active and I try to get my steps covered from walking because staying active is definitely important.


Tell us about your clothing brand?

I am definitely more about the style and look of clothing more than the brands itself.

What do you do to maintain your looks? Your beauty secrets I mean?

I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and recently I have started to sleep on my back to avoid a puffy face in the morning and I think it actually works!


Are friendships important to you? Who do you consider your best friends?

Of course, friendships are important, I have a handful of good close friends because it’s always about quality not quantity. So, I have a small circle but I can truly and blindly trust these people so I consider myself blessed to have them in my life.


What projects are you working on currently?

I’m just waiting for the go ahead before I can share some good news very soon!


Your message for CiiN.

Always share love and keep shining because you’re the brightest star!



Favourite Sport:

I’m not so much of a sporty person but if I had to choose one it would possibly be badminton

Favourite Music:

I like most genres, so it really depends on the mood to what songs I’m really digging at the time. As I’m always switching.

Travel Destination:

I really want to visit Maldives! But I also have a bucket list of destinations to cover which is a pretty long list.

Favourite TV Show:

I loved the Korean show one of us is dead it kept me in suspense and was a great fast-moving show- loved it!

Favourite Food:

For sure Indian food! I love Dosa and pretty much everything!

Favourite all time Movie:

I love old school Hollywood romantic comedies and chic flicks so movies like legally blonde, miss congeniality etc.

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