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Sana is a freelance makeup artist with over 7 years experience. Certificate in Make-up 1, psychofigurism, specialized Make-up 2 diploma, and special effects, AQTIS 101 for cinema and television. She is certified in lash extension and has worked as a demonstrator for Estee Lauder for over six years. Sana is a full-time freelance makeup artist that works year round creating countless bridal looks for weddings all over. She also enjoys opportunities to work on television commercials, advertising and fashion and beauty editorials, furthering her creative learning every year by updating her work skills, perfecting her lash extensions work and learning the latest makeup techniques and airbrush trends. Sana recently had the pleasure of working for New York fashion week, LA fashion week, Miami fashion week and Hawaii fashion week. She has also had her own makeup segment on ICI TV, and worked as makeup artist for commercials at KOBB MEDIA. She works her magic backstage creating dramatic theatrical looks as well. She has worked on numerous creative fashion and beauty editorial photo shoots that have been published in Elegant magazine, Jute magazine, Dark beauty magazine and many more. Sana has donated her time and passion to create makeup looks for several charity events like CITE DE LA SANTÉ. She loves the opportunity to work in a creative team environment on fashion and beauty editorials, as well as commercial work. She also enjoys glamming up wedding parties on their special day, and teaching makeup lessons to clients of all ages.
Sana Mrad
With over 14 years of experience in playing a leading role in both Marketing and PR worlds, José Berrocoso has been instrumental in the success of globally recognized brands from the Fashion, Lifestyle and Luxury sectors. Having lived and worked in iconic cities like Boston, London and Dubai, José has a cosmopolitan background with established networks in the industry. An avid traveler, food and luxury-living enthusiast, José has traveled across the globe visiting and exploring all continents what provided him a unique and all-around perspective on various cultures, traditions, and practices. Through his roles in PR, journalism and travel influencing, his opinion and review have brought about reputation and credibility to several names in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.
José Berrocoso
A passionate filmmaker currently living and getting inspiration in Qatar. Lena was close to TV and film production all her life generally. But in Qatar, she really felt herself so full of art and energy creating beautiful content for local designers. Everything here in Qatar is special and unique for her. Architecture, religion and sure the long black Abayas. Lena is more than proud to show the beauty and talent of local fashion industry through her camera to the world!
Lena Goroleva
Sérgio Saraiva is an experienced Fashion Photo and Videographer based in Milan.
Sérgio Saraiva